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PJ Concert Tour Hits North America!

Mere words do not adequately express our joy and excitement in being able to announce Perpetuum Jazzile‘s (PJ) North America Tour for 2011. After long months of preparation, we are finally able to respond to the thousands of inquiries we have received from our American- and Canadian-based fans wondering when we are going to cross the big pond and bring our tour to your continent.

PJ will kick off the tour in Toronto ON on June 17, 2011 and continue touring Milwaukee WI, Cleveland OH, , Pittsburgh PA, Nashville TN, and New York City NY. Book your tickets here (just hit “info”) or here!

Stay in touch on our website and Facebook. And do pass the information on to your friends, relatives, and acquaintances nationwide! :)

And if you would like to reach out to us directly, please send us an e-mail at ticketspj@gmail.com.

See ya soon! :)

Cordially yours,


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  • Can’t wait for the West Coast dates. Specifically SF Bay area

  • Dennis Hutchison says:

    I cannot wait to find out where on the West Coast you will be. Portland Oregon has a wonderful arena, (The Rose Garden) with it’s Theatre in the Clouds. it would be an absolute fatantastic venue for you to appear.

  • John Gretzinger says:

    I do hope you will make it to the West Coast – Southern California would be nice. Heck, I’ll throw in dinner if it will get you here.

  • Donnie Groff says:

    I do watch this web site every day from work and just checked it before I left today. Was jumping for joy when I finally saw the FIRST post of a concert here in the USA. Now I’m getting antzy waiting patiently for you to post more stops knowing you will be really close to my area…

  • Madisen Sandy says:

    Yay!!!!!! I can’t wait for you to come Near Me!!!! KANSAS!!!! Keep in mind :)

  • Bob Drewes says:

    Cleveland? Pittsburgh? Nashville?
    what’s wrong with San Francisco?

  • Robert Bush says:

    Absolutely, positively fantastic! I cannot wait to get the firm dates – hope you can add more cities.

    I am really looking forward to seeing you in person.

    It’s been a long time coming but it is definitely worth the wait –

    See you soon – Robert

  • Urša says:

    Dear American fans,
    planning a tour for 35 – 40 people is and extremely difficult, risky and expensive task. So even planning these few venues took us a year (if not two) of organizing.
    We know you understand all this facts and would be honoured if you took your time and fly over a few states to come and see us.
    Even better, if you know of anyone who would host us in your town, please contact our manager bostjan.usenik(at)perpetuumjazzile.si
    Looking forward very much to seeing you in person very soon!

  • Robert Bush says:

    We do appreciate all that goes into planning a tour for that many performers. As soon as dates are set, I’ll be making my flight arrangements so I can see you.

    Just an idea – how about a t-shirt for the tour that we can pre-purchase so we can generate excitement and anticipation beforehand?

    The other wonderful thing about your coming to the US is that we will be able to enjoy some more of what make Slovenia special. Thanks to PJ, many of us have come to know a little more about our world and some of the different countries that up until now have simple been names in a tourist guidebook.

  • Ooooh, oooh oooh! I just might be near one of your performances during summer vacation! Looking forward to hearing about the dates.

    Your biggest fan in Calgary — which loves its live music and choir culture…
    You should visit some day!

  • Caroline Pavlic Betting says:

    Can’t wait until you get to NY!!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!!!! Any idea of possible NY dates? Thanks!

  • Robert Peterson says:

    Please come to Florida

  • Portland, Oregon, offers several beautiful concert venues, and may well pull fans from northern California, and the state of Washington. I eagerly look forward to seeing your west coast tour schedule.

  • Peter A says:

    Hope you will be in sunny Florida or at least Georgia. Your fan in Tampa Bay.

  • Steve says:

    Thank You Thank You Thank You! I will be at both the Cleveland and Pittsburgh shows! I’m only 100 miles from both cities! Thank you for making the trip!

  • David Daugherty says:

    Will definitely come to Cleveland to see you. Grew up there with my Slovenian mom and grandparents, it’s a great polka town. Love you guys and your music.

  • FriPilot says:

    Hoping for a Southwest performance. Albuquerque, Phoenix, Dallas?

  • Scott McGraw says:

    Surely you have many fans in the Boston area? But I’ll travel to NYC if you make me!

  • Kasia Lisowska says:

    And LA or Santa Barbara! Pleassssse!

  • Pete says:

    Please either come to Edmonton or Calgary….there would be a ton of people coming to your show!!!

  • Anna says:

    come to california!! CA is where it’s at

  • Kevin says:


  • Neil Foster says:

    You know the weather in Seattle is beautiful between May and September!

  • Finally, the U.S. is on your radar. Kljub temu, da vas ne bo v San Franciscu, oziroma v Kaliforniji, vas bomo tisti Slovenci, ki zivimo tu z veseljem prisli pogledat tudi na vzhodno obalo. Veliko uspehov se naprej

  • Madeline M. says:

    I live in Toms River, New Jersey, USA. I am one of your biggest fans and I absolutely love your music. I can’t wait to see you in New York. I will be first in line. You are all so gifted.
    Your friend in America, Madeline

  • Christian says:


  • Montreal! Come to Montreal! Pleeeeeaaaaasssseeee!

  • Thad Byars says:

    Would certainly second a southwest/Texas date. Dallas, Houston or Austin would all be supportive! All are GREAT theater/music cities.

  • Bill Funk says:

    Austin Texas (live music capital) – please! Love you guys and gals!

  • ribica. says:

    tole pesem bi bilo zanimivo slišati v PJ izvedbi ;)
    Keep up the good work!

  • John Sneed says:

    I cannot wait until you arrive. You peoople are the greatest talent in music today. When will you be in Cleveland which is closest to Detroit.

  • PLEASE!!!! Come to FLORIDA!!! My husband and I love you very much! We have seen your videos so many times, I feel as if we know you personally!! Thank you!! :D

  • Sandy says:

    I’ve got my ticket to Milwaukee! I look forward to the concert and meeting all of you. See you in June!

  • Judy Shorey says:

    I can’t wait until you all come to the mid- west. I plan on driving to Cleveland from Michigan!! Unless you come to Detroit!

  • Matthew says:

    I would love it if you made it Charlotte, NC. It’s a pretty big city and it’s much bigger than Nashville, TN.

  • Michael Dallas says:

    New website. Can’t wait for places and dates for Nashville. Have to get a ticket, make plane reservations, hotel, car…. etc. And arrange work around it. Hurry to fix the date and the place please. Also tell Ursa to hurry with her new slippers. :D

  • vtump911 says:

    Dear God:

    Thank you for bringing PJ to North America. I knoe You are a big fan. Please keep them safe while they travel, and ask them to perform within a day’s drive of New England.


  • tomwro says:

    I echo what Dennis Hutchison says. Portland, Oregon is a hotbed of vocal music, and we’d love PJ to be here! Please come soon.

  • Shellianne says:

    Vancouver, B.C., Canada, please!! In fact, many cities in Canada would be brilliant!

  • Candy says:

    I’ve got my front row tickets to Milwaukee. Will be driving up from Tulsa with grandkids and it has been a long time coming! Will you have CD’s and DVD’s for sale at the venue?

  • Naomi says:

    Will you ever come to the San Francisco area? Please?

  • Mesmereyes says:

    Dallas and Vancouver Canada please! Amazing music that lifts the soul!

  • janice Lee says:

    Would like to find out about your Los Angeles tour. i love PJ.

  • kwink says:

    Please come to St. George Utah at the Tuacahn Outdoor Ampitheatre!

  • Rick Desh says:

    Is it possible to visit Montreal (Quebec-Canada)? We’re just up north of New York!! Ok about 5 hours but still, I really wish to see you guys in concert!!

  • ViVi L'Amour says:

    Please stop by Austin or San Antonio. Our area has received 1″ of rain in the last 9 months…we really need to “hear the rain.”
    Hope to see you soon. ViVi

  • nate says:

    Are you guys going south of Milwaukee? Or maybe Florida?

  • Fernão Dias de Santana says:

    I’d like to say that I’ve met you through the Orkut, in which a cousant of mine have pasted a YOU TUBE video, AFRICA, to another relative, both are musicians. After that, I’ve got the imensive pleasure to see the BOSSA NOVA’s songs performed by you, and I have to say that you are absolutely incredible – your brazilian accent is simply perfect – I have started to think that you were Brazlians. So, I’d like to suggest you to take a listen to the work of RICK WAKEMAN, specially 1984, and Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), and, of course, The Beatles, but foccusing the albums White one, Yellow Submarine, Sargent Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band. I do believe that it will be simply amazing. By the way, I’m a Brazilian, as I have comment about your Brazilian accent. All of you, thanks a lot for this wonderful work. God bless you all. Cheers.


    I’d like to suggest you to take a listen to the work of RICK WAKEMAN, specially 1984 – (Julia, The Himm), and Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), and, of course, The Beatles, but foccusing the albums White one, Yellow Submarine, Sargent Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band. I do believe that it will be simply amazing. By the way, I’m a Brazilian, as I have comment about your Brazilian accent. All of you, thanks a lot for this wonderful work. God bless you all. Cheers.

  • Ralph McCullen says:

    Your group is so awesome, your energy is so needed in this time in our world. Your love comes thru your music.

  • Lolo says:

    Completely amazing! You must come to the mid-west…Kansas City, Oklahoma City. We must have you here!!!

  • Bjørn Tore Svennungsen says:

    I woluld love to see you sing in Norway. Your kind of music is what we need right now :-) Love from a fan BT

    • Jan Trost says:

      Would love to get there, Bjorn!
      Hopefully, since our artistic director is from Sweden, Norway is not that far away from becoming one of our future destinations ;)

  • Jackie says:

    How about Los Angeles? :)

  • Roger Deane says:

    Like to see a concert out here in the western US. I’d even post it on my website for you!

  • Linda Warsaw says:

    On Christmas Day, my cousin showed me your Africa video on youtube. I fell in love with PJ right then and there. I have, ofcourse, watched many more of your videos since then. You are truly amazing and I would love for you to come to Southern California. I want our community to see and appreciate your unique, beautiful, and breath taking music. I know some people in the radio business as well as some theatre owners in Los Angeles. Let’s make this happen! If you already have something in progress, please let me know and perhaps I can be of assistance. I know how much time, effort, and work goes into planning a tour for 35-40 people. I understand the challenges, risks, and expenses. I will send an e-mail to your manager as well. Thank you so much for blessing us with your talent! Hearing you on Christmas was the best gift of all!

  • Paul Heppelle, Saskatoon, SK Canada says:

    I’ve been singing for 50 years. All I can say is WOW! By the way, Toronto is neither North America nor Canada. How about a stop in Saskatoon or Winnipeg or Edmonton.

  • Nicole says:

    Please come to Arizona!!!!!

  • This is one great group.

  • Anne* says:

    When this year will Perpetuum Jazzile be touring? don’t want to miss them!

  • Mark Baran says:

    Just found you guys a few days ago when I was looking for Toto songs on You Tube. I clicked on your versions of these songs and I was totally awestruck.
    I’ve become an instant fan of yours. I wish I would’ve known about PJ when you toured the U.S. last year. I’m begging you on behalf of all your American fans.
    Please don’t wait too long before you come back. It would be an absolute treat
    to be at one of your shows. You guys are incredible!

  • John says:

    When is PJ coming to Chicago, IL USA.

    John M.

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