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Record-breaking Perpetuum Jazzile Concert Taking Over 10,000-seat Arena in Slovenia

Where will you be at 8pm on Saturday, November 9th, 2013?  :) Hopefully with 9,999 other super fans at the Arena Stozice in Ljubljana, Slovenia for the biggest Perpetuum Jazzile concert spectacle ever. This attendance record-breaking “Vokal Xtravaganzza”, where PJ annually launches its attractive new repertoire to its fans, will mark the 30th jubilee of Perpetuum Jazzile and be chock full of surprises.

Concert tickets are already available to be purchased online and at the following ticket sales outlets.

Special ticket discounts:

  • 50% off for Green Level seats for children to up to 12-years (entrance with company of a parent only, document submitted upon request): 16.50 EUR
  • 10% off for groups of 20 people or more: 29.70 EUR

Regular pre-sale ticket prices according to seat location in the Arena:

  • Green Level seats: 33 EUR
  • Ground Floor seats: 35 EUR
  • VIP Ground Floor seats (first 10 rows): 40 EUR
  • VIP Box seats (with special PJ gift): 50 EUR (to be put on sale in a few days)

The Arena will be packed.  To accommodate all of our fans, there will be dedicated free-of-charge bus transport from all major parking areas around Ljubljana to Arena Stožice and back, after the show. Buses will start at 5pm on the day of the concert……more details and updates to about this to be posted soon and regularly.  :)

See (and hear) you soon……with love to all our fans………P.J. :)


Front page photography of Stozice Arena by Mihael Grmek.


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  • Eugen says:

    Dear members of pj,

    joint the performance in Munich, it was so fantastic, wonderful, great! Never heared such a perfect show. I love your music!
    What about my idea: present one of my favourite songs: “Baba O’Riley” from “The Who” rock band, please. That would be great.
    Sure, I will be in the audience at one of your next shows in Germany.
    Best wishes, merry christmas and a happy new year.
    Let your songs sound all over the world!
    All the best

  • Kristina says:

    I agree! They should definitely do Baba O’Riley or include it in “The Who Medley”. I’m sure it would be amazing.
    Best wishes

  • Donna Golding says:

    Just heard AFRICA, how have I never heard of you before.OMG YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!when are you coming to CANADA, I live in new Brunswick Canada, and WE WOULD LOVE YOUR GROUP TO COME HERE!!!!! PLEse please try to put us on your tour calendar….. How can I get a cd/DVD of your group in Canada? Is there somewhere I can order this online? YOU ARE SO BRILLIANT, SO TALENTED YOU GIVE ME CHILLS…… CANNOT WAIT TO SEE MORE….. I AM A FAN FOR LIFE AND AM SPREADING THE WORD ABOUT YOU ALL OVER CANADA!!!!!

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