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Our first short documentary

Because we suspect that you want to know even more about us, we prepared a very special film for you. ;)

With click on “CC” you can choose between different subtitles …

Anže Koron
Matija Ošlak
Domen Ožbot

Editing & color correction:
Domen Ožbot

Directed by:
Matija Ošlak
Janez Trontelj

JocoHud Production


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  • Tom says:

    I cannot believe you are going to come to my birthplace of Wilmington, Delaware in the USA. I can’t wait. You are fabulous. All my friends have learned about you from me (and youtube). See you March 10th. By the way, you will be
    singing in one of the oldest restored opera houses in America. It is as beautiful as your voices.

  • Roman Lozinski says:

    Hello, my name is Roman Lozinski, I’m a news anchor in Venezuela. I also have a radio show that goes all over the country. I discovered your music, yor talent a few months ago and I have been playing fragments of your music on the radio every once in a while. Today for example I’m going to play again the video of Toto’s Africa from YouTube.
    You guys are excellent, I’d like to interview one of you, the director if possible.
    Thanks a lot for a wonderful job.
    As a curiosity, my mother in law is from Ljubliana-Slovenia

  • Dinei de Oliveira says:

    congratulations for the work! you guys are incredible, I hope to vellus in Brazil one day! and believe me here is an incredible parents and posting videos of you guys on my facebook! very good work.

  • I love you singing Wave! Its wonderful! You must come to Rio de janeiro !

  • George Maia says:

    Depois de conhecê-los via internet, apaixonei-me por vocês. Então, lhes peço: encontrem uma forma de virem ao Brasil, especialmente no Chevrolet Hall em Belo Horizonte, capital do estado de Minas Gerais. Sejam muito bem vindos e sucesso, sempre!

  • Tony says:

    You all produce a wonderful sound and long may it go on,as a group you look good as well especially the ladys.
    Thank you for the music you perform and when will you be coming to the UK?

  • Ronald Roelandt says:

    It was great to see what drives you, how you feel, how you think in this short documentary. I can only pray that one day I will be able to see you live, in Belgium

  • Collette says:

    Wondering if and when you will be touring Canada again.
    Love your music. As a member of a chamber choir, I wish we could perform music as you do.

  • Jonathan says:

    When will you be touring the UK? Please come soon!!

  • Anderson says:

    There´s no way to do a great job without friendship and passion, no matter what kind of job it is.

  • Expozuredk says:

    Denmark, please please please

  • Melaney Black says:

    Unity is all, isn’t it? Your skills, your joy, your commitment, all combine to create a riveting musical experience. You give me chills. Thank you for sharing your gifts and your personalities in this documentary. I hope you can make it to the west coast of Canada some day.

  • BARBBF says:

    Went to YouTube the other day to find the group TOTO singing Africa. I found them..and then clicked on the PJ group singing the same thing. I had never heard of your group before. What a pleasant surprise. Your version was absolutely GREAT. Sent the YouTube to many of my friends..and they were of the same opinion. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  • Ivone says:


  • Ivone says:

    When are you coming to Brazil/Rio de Janeiro????????

  • Ana says:

    Please, bring your music and energy to Rio de Janeiro!!!!!!

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